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The Upstart Crows

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Our Story


What are the Upstart Crows? Well in 1592, the dramatist Robert Greene complained in a pamphlet of a young actor who didn’t know his place. Greene called him “an Upstart Crow” for his audacity to write plays, despite not being university educated like the other London playwrights. That actor with the nerve to crow was…William Shakespeare. And with that spirit, the Upstart Crows is an acting apprenticeship course that takes up his mantle of daring to be big, no matter who you are.

Learn to Crow


This educational course is for the upstarts who strive to be better. The aim is to have confidence soaring and to empower each unique voice to crow. A professional theatre artist will guide you through the depths of Shakespeare and the heights of scene building and improvisation. In 8 weeks, the Upstart Crows will experience the camaraderie of the rehearsal and production process in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. The course will culminate in a performance showcase that will feature your newfound talents. After all, once you learn to perform the poetry of the greatest plays in the English language, what public speaking event can you not handle?

Time to Fly

Classes will run weekly for 8 weeks. Space fills up in a flurry so please to reserve your spot for an opportunity that builds skills that leave a lasting imprint. Discounts for multiple students and other deals are also available. To register for The Upstart Crows, please email Katie at:


View our Upstart Crows video on YouTube!




Ages 9-12

Using classical theatre and drama exercises, students will engage and improve confidence, teamwork, and creativity.  This workshop will allow students to explore their imagination and take risks in a safe and welcoming environment.  Perfect for drama beginners and those with experience. Finish with a performance showcase. 

Ages 13-17

We will engage and improve confidence, teamwork and creativity.  This course will allow students to take risks in a safe and welcoming environment.  We will focus on creating characters, scene study and auditioning techniques.  Finish with a performance showcase. 


Instructor is Katie Mixon, Education Coordinator and Acting Company Member of the South Carolina Shakespeare Company received her BA in Theatre from USC in Columbia and is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Katie has been working with students for 20 years, teaching theater and animal conservation in the United States, Australia, Thailand, SE Asia and the UK.  Locally, Katie has been onstage with the SC Shakespeare Company, Workshop Theatre, and Trustus Theatre.


Summer 2020 Open Workshops




JULY 25        2:00-4:00 PM

AUGUST 15    2:00-4:00 PM     


Fall Classes

Stay tuned for the dates and enrollment fees for our next 9-week session to be held this fall. Spaces will be limited!

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