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Much Ado About Nothing to Open SC Shakespeare Season October 9, 2022

The South Carolina Shakespeare Company presents

William Shakespeare’s


"If we can do this, then Cupid is no longer an archer, for we are the only love gods!"


They are jaded, quick-witted, hot-tempered, irresistibly charming torchbearers for the single life, and, in the pantheon of famous characters, two of Shakespeare’s most memorable.  What’s more is that the two spirited characters of Beatrice and Benedict will come to life on the stage in this wonderfully intricate comedy full of twists and turns in the discovery of the nature of true love. The South Carolina Shakespeare Company presents Much Ado About Nothing, 


Innovative and dynamic, the South Carolina Shakespeare Company gained a well-earned and critically successful reputation as one of the foremost producers of Shakespeare and the classics in South Carolina. Currently in its 27th season and based in Columbia, this seasoned, classically trained troupe still provides free performances of the Bard’s treasured works in an out-door setting just as they were originally seen. 


Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s most well-crafted romantic comedies and, while it’s often remembered for the verbal sparring between Beatrice and Benedict concerning their determination to fend off Cupid’s arrows, the duo is actually a subplot for the instantaneous romance between the young, dashing Claudio and the beautiful Hero. 


"O God, that I were a man! I would eat his heart in the marketplace!"


But don’t be fooled by the title!  A LOT happens in this play: many wonderful, happy, tragic, and funny “somethings” happen on the grounds of Leonato’s villa where Don Pedro and his comrades have returned from war. 


Director Linda Khoury has chosen a talented cast for this production, including George Dinsmore, Katie Mixon, Tracy Steele, Claude Durbin, Caitlin White, Jeffery Schwalk, Douglas McConnell, Becky Hunter, JB Marple, Kashaad Kraus, and Becky Hunter.


Join SC SHAKES for exuberant excitement and hilarious action in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.  For more information, call 787-2273 or contact



Historic Columbia

Sundays in the Park with Shakespeare -  Seibels House Gardens 1601 Richland Street (downtown Columbia)    

Sunday, October 9th,  3:00 PM

Hampton Preston House Gardens  - 1615 Blanding Street (downtown Columbia)

Sunday, October 23rd, 3:00  PM  


Riverwalk Amphitheatre - 109 Alexander Road, West Columbia 

Saturday, October 29 & Sunday, October 30, 7:30 PM 

Admission is FREE FOR ALL



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